The ultimate Concept for all of your Dubbing Needs!

The EuroTaker System contains very advanced and innovative modules for all of your Dubbing Requirements. With State of the Art Technology we’re putting Dubbing Facilities into a position to manage and satisfy an increasing demand for efficiency and quality. During the engineering and development phase of all single modules we’ve taken special attention and care towards stability, lucidity and logic structure. Therefore, all user interfaces are self-explanatory and user-friendly.

With the EuroTaker we present a software for the PC-Platform which has received rave reviews. Permanent feedback between Developers and Customers (Cutters/Editors) led to a product which combines all advantages and the current praxis of a modern “Taker”-Software.

With the EuroController (PC, Control Software, Remote Control) the Recording Engineer will be able to work easily with the “Take lists”, previously prepared by the EuroTaker. Doing so, the Recording Engineer will be able to control all of the Drive- and Recording functions necessary Audio -Workstations “on the fly” (i.e. Protools, Nuendo, Fairlight).