EuroTaker Professional

The EuroTaker offers the possibility of producing Takes without any Paperwork! The large scale Text Manager helps importing all necessary text-documents. In addition, many Import- and Export options, like extracting Roles in different formats up to the output of the complete Continuity are available. An integrated Video player makes the work smooth and easy.

The user-friendly interface of the EuroTaker is legendary. Creating the Takes of a Film is done simply by a Mouse click or by using the Keyboard. Additionally and in comparison to other „Taker-Programs “, the EuroTaker offers the option of pasting „afterwards”, “splitting” or “combining Takes “. (All Following Take-Numbers are being updated automatically.) That way, i.e. the work of unexperienced Cutters/Editors can be corrected afterwards without big efforts. All Data are stored during the work in an own Database. A loss of Data due to Hardware or PC failures is not possible anymore.

Screenshot Eurotaker